Which brings together more than 100 stores in Turkey with the tastes of customers Payne Group since 2003, serving the industry with its brands is advancing with firm steps towards being single. Payna Group; Ankara's Borekci Erciyes Börek, which delivers pastries and baklava from "housewives to tables", includes Pastannecim, which transforms pastry into an art, and Dilim Börek, which has developed its dealership network with its traditional flavors in Istanbul. Payne Group and indispensable service spread to every corner of Turkey aims to provide flavor without sacrificing quality to its customers. Payna Group, which grows every day in the pastry, baklava and pastry sector, offers a profitable franchise system, effective sales campaigns and a system that makes both its customers and business partners happy.


Erciyes Börek maintains its “hamarat neighbor” perception created with its börek and baklava with 35 branches in Ankara. Pastannecim, which is indispensable for all special days, offers its customers unique tastes with 27 branches in Ankara and Istanbul. Dilim Börek, which grows rapidly in Istanbul European and Anatolian Side, brings traditional tastes to its customers with its 28 branches.